Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ten Weeks

Ten Weeks along today and my little blueberry is now a prune. That’s not very glamorous sounding fruit, but my little guy is just over an inch big!

I officially have a bump. I am actually excited about this, I don’t mind getting a cute little baby bump, but it is a shame to see where 150 sit ups a day gets me… a bump in the first trimester! I am still down 5.5 lbs from my usual weight and my waist measures 25” now. My low waist however has grown from 28” to 29.5” Thank goodness for stretch jeans. Actually today I am wearing one of my favorite full circle skirts unbuttoned at the waist. It was always a tight fit and when I went to button it, the button popped off! Whoops!

No crazy cravings yet, but my doctors recommendation of eating 5-6 small meals has really helped the nausea. Yesterday I was out and about from 8am to 7:30pm, but by 8pm I was in the bath and ready for bed. My nausea returned in the evening and I am wondering if it was directly related to my insanely good dinner. I made a soy ginger salmon, sesame long beans and wild rice. I only had 3 oz of fish and it was fully cooked, but the moment I went up stairs the nausuea returned.

Over the weekend I took Kevin to Target to scope out all the things our little blueberry will need. As someone who has reiterated that “baby’s are cheap” I was determined to prove him wrong. Within about ten minutes of being in the baby section I think he realized that this little blueberry is going to cost a whole lot more than he thought.

As a first time mom, I know that I don’t want a ton of plastic in my house so cutting back on the Fisher Price and adding lots of wood blocks and organic fibers. Needless to say I’m going to be making a lot of the kids clothes and toys.

I’m still taking recommendations for strollers, car seats, play pens, stuff like that. I’m petrified of having my kid die or get hurt by some recalled crib.

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