Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My little blueberry is now at the 12 week mark and momma has a belly. Well a little belly, but I love it! It’s bizarre; because I have never had a belly and if I didn’t know I was pregnant I would be going on a diet. I’m just a bit pudgier than usual.
I would really like to find a website that has girls that are typically a size 0-4 showing their bellies. I am seeing some huge bellies, but I have feeling these women already had something to start with. I’m just so into this process that I want to know where I am comparatively.
But then I see a girl like this and am like, she’s tiny! But her belly is twice my size. It makes me sad.

However in non-crazy pregnancy hormone induced news. This weekend was a blast and it all started Thursday night.  We ended up going to dinner with six of our good friends who were predominantly from the Bad Religion camp. Our friends Ray (no one special, kidding), Shakes (Brooks’ drum tech), Cathy (tour manager), Greg (guitarist), Jay (bass) and Brian (guitarist) all dined at Province. Most of us indulged in the 5 course tasting menu. It was holy fuck amazingly awesome.
Smoked salmon crème fraiche shooter
Baby spinach with pork belly vinaigrette with perfectly poached egg
pacquiao pepper and pappardelle pasta with fresh cheese and brussel sprout leaves
Grilled soft shell crab with a spicy sauce
New York strip with fingerling potato hash
Coffee ice cream parfait that tasted more like the best god damn tiramisu you have ever had

Ok, back to being tired now

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