Monday, May 9, 2011


I just cried. For an hour and it was all, because of a painfully sweet facebook post a friend wrote on Mother’s Day. The littlest things send me into a river of tears as I cannot control the emotions I am having. It’s pretty ridiculous, but I cry at least three times a day right now. It doesn’t matter if it’s sad or happy tears; there are just lots of tears. I just about cried when Kevin offered to go to the grocery store the other day, yes, things that little get me going.
Way too emotional, way too pregnant. I blame Progesterone.
In other emotional news, I think I had my first official “I’m going to be a mom” panic attack this weekend. As bad as I felt, I tried to keep a positive front on the outside as I know Kevin is incredibly excited for our little blueberry to arrive. The emotional ups and downs paired with the debilitating nausea can be a little much. Even though I feel like I am showing (let’s face it, the nearly 26” waist I am sporting this week is proof that I am showing!) the world is oblivious to my “condition.” I don’t think sympathy is needed, but some god damn understanding would be nice.
Everything I have read lately says that the first trimester is the roughest and I sure hope it is, because I will be out of it by next week and am REALLY looking forward to some peaceful nights sans nausea, puking and crying. I’m sure each stage of pregnancy has its up and downs, but considering very few people know I’m pregnant it is hard to carry on as normal. I always gave my third trimester friends sympathy/empathy when they were huge, but if what I have been reading is true, I guess the most difficult time is right now.
I think I have been averaging 10 hours of sleep per night, which is great, but it just doesn’t seem like enough!
My typical day…
7:00 wake up
7:15-8:30 feed/walk dogs
9:00 limited housework
1:00 half the work I need done is done
3:00 Is it bed time yet?
6:30 make dinner
8:00 walk dogs
9:00 in bed
So it's 11am now, I'm passed being exhausted and into walking fatigue.

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