Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Last night I went to another one of the Bump Club and Beyond events. This time it was at Bubbles Academy and we met with a pair of lactation consultants. It was fun to sit with moms who were all in their third trimester and at the event for the same reason.
I got to go home with a goodie bag of lanolin, breast pads, creams and supplements in addition to winning a Hooter Hiders cover and a Gia by Simplisse feeding pillow.

I have already registered for a Boppy, but I like the design of the Gia pillow and hopefully it is awesome as it is touted to be. I will however need to make a few covers for the pillow as I can only imagine how dirty an all white pillow will get with an infant. The pillow is machine washable and water proof though, so maybe my worries are for nothing!
Only 72 hours till the baby shower! Yay!

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