Tuesday, September 6, 2011


When I say I’m frugal, I mean it. I shop a lot and spend about an eighth of what my friends do on clothes, home finds and the like. I am constantly seeking a great deal and enjoy the thrill of the hunt.
When it comes to having our little munchkin I only want the best for him, but since I don’t have an unlimited savings account I have to use the same frugality when shopping for him. It’s especially hard to shop for a boy on the cheap, because most of the clothing that is available is not very cute and the cute clothes are quite a pretty penny.
I have been combing ebay, thrift stores and the outlet mall for cute clothes and so far have spent about $100 and have enough clothing to last him a month without washing any of it... not that I would do that though!
I joined the Bump Club Chicago and have gone to two events so far. The first one was a baby guru event at Galt. If you haven’t heard or been to Galt, just be prepared to be amazed! It is a complete luxury haven for baby toys, furniture, accessories and strollers. The night consisted of an informative discussion on baby products, noshing on yummy sandwiches and treats and a 20% discount for the whole store.
There were also opportunities to walk away with some pretty awesome prizes. The goodie bags were also pretty good and I ended up getting some bottles, pacifiers, body products and a swaddleme for little Pickle. I took advantage of the 20% off discount and bought the Uppababy Vista in Lindsay, the bassinet stand and the car seat adapter.  I can’t wait to use this stroller, I absolutely love it! Best of all Galt is delivering and assembling it all whenever I want so I don’t have to have clutter the house yet.

I also went home with the Stokke Table Top which we won't be using for a while, but it seems like a really great learning tool.
Tonight I went to one of their events at Preggers and in addition to the Petunia Picklebottom goodie bag I won the Boon Stash. This was an item I had on my registry in a different color, but I think the orange is fun and am going to use it in the nursery instead of the kitchen. It will add a fun vibrancy to Pickles room.
Petunia Picklebottom folding reusable tote bag
Boon Stash

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