Wednesday, June 15, 2011

16+ weeks and still no bump. It is amazing how crappy one can feel, but get none of the sympathy, because my bump is as noticeable as my size 2 self eating one too many cupcakes. I’m sure the moment my bump shows up, I will be begging to fit back into my skinny jeans, but for now I will envy the women around me with their adorable bumps.
One of the more noticeable events of the week has to be my decision to switch medical practices. Up until now I was a practice that had an alternative birthing center, but despite being under the impression they offered water births, they do not. Despite loving my doctor, I have decided to make the switch to another hospital nearby. They are one of two in/around Chicago that offer water births.
So on August 1 I will change medical groups and transfer to a midwife practice and be able to have a  water birth.
In the mean time I am going stir crazy waiting to find out what my little one is. Boy or girl? girl or boy? I guess i will just have to wait till July 12 as I really have no idea and have not even a guess as to what this little blueberry is.

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